Asus UX31A + Opensuse 13.1 (RC2)


today, I installed Opensuse 13.1 (RC2) on a new Asus UX31A (the computer came with windows 8).
When I tried to install the system from a DVD, I ended up with a blank, black screen after choosing installation :(.

EFI-Bios: enable “Lauch CMS” (you have to disable “fast boot”). I also switched off “secure boot”

Now, you can install the system and get rid off the MS bloatware. Info: keep the 300MB EFI partiton, format it with VFAT and and mount it with “boot/efi”. If you do not have this partition/not the correct mount path, Opensuse will inform you about this problem (great!).

This info could be also useful for other ultrabooks.


I am not sure what your question is. But in the Pre-release/Beta forum there might be people who know more about the comming 13.1

As for CMS I found that it means “UEFI *Compatibility Support Module (CSM)”. *I am not sure if your are then using a MBR boot from your hard disk or just what it means for sure. openSUSE 13.1 is still considered to be BETA until it gets released in just 3 days.

Thank You,

There was no question ;). I only wanted to give an installation tip for Ultrabooks with UEFI.

I assume, this problem is independent from RC2 (you will have the same issue in the final version), therefore I put this info not under pre-release/beta. The same problem occurs with kernel 3.10 and higher (see also:


We do have a How To/Faq Forums > Unreviewed How To and FAQ forum.

I formated my Zenbook prime but after the instalation in never opens… It is stuck on Bios like it cannot recognise my hard drive… :frowning:

It came with Windows 8 and i erased all the hard disk … :frowning:

What can i do now :frowning:

My laptop boots now but i have black screen… i cannot see graphic environment… opensuse 13.1 x64 KDE :frowning:

When you have your own problem, one that is not exactly as the one from this thread, it is much, much better to start a new thread dedicated to your problem, with a good title that will tell people what your probelm is about. The way you do it now, your problem is hidden at the end of something with a complete different subject. Not very many people will see this.

What graphics card/chip?

Same issue here, although it’s an Asus G60JX with nVidia GTS 360M and final version of OpenSuse 13.1. Any thoughts?