Asus UX31 + Opensuse 13.1 + Powermanagment

The Asus UX31A (Zenbook Prime) is working fine with Opensuse 13.1., but some points have to be optimised manually:
[li]for installation see: [/li][li]Powermanagment: you should install laptop-mode-tools [/li][li] laptop-mode-tools have one disadvantage, USB devices like a pointer or mouse sleep when used in battery. This can be circumvented by modifying “/etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/usb-autosuspend.conf” (dolphin as root, kwrite for modifying the conf file). Here, AUTOSUSPEND_USBTYPE_BLACKLIST="" has to be changed to AUTOSUSPEND_USBTYPE_BLACKLIST=“usbhid usb-storage” [/li][li] intel and realtek audio is always on 100%. You can change this with following script (use kwrite as root):[/li][LIST]
[li]make file with following text in /etc/init.d/:[/li][LIST]
[li]#! /bin/bash[/li]### BEGIN INIT INFO

Provides: soundsave



Default-Start: 5


Description: sound powermanagement


echo 10 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save

[li]I named this file soundsave [/li][li]Now you have to use the terminal as root and go to /etc/init.d/ and type in following commands:[/li][ul]
[li]chmod +x soundsave [/li][li]insserv soundsave [/li][/ul]

[li]Now, go to /sbin/ and type in following commands:[/li][ul]
[li]ln -s /etc/init.d/soundsave rcsoundsave [/li][/ul]

[li]Start the script with:[/li][ul]
[li]rcsoundsave start [/li][/ul]

[li]You can also stop the script with “rcsoundsave stop”. You can also activate/inactivate the script also with the runlevel editor in Yast [/li][/LIST]



For what it’s worth, I’ve been having trouble with openSUSE 13.1 power management on my Dell Latitude D630 (I know… old… but I like it and I don’t like any of the alternatives out there right now) until I installed the laptop-mode-tools. The power management system would just stop working entirely until I logged out and logged back in. This would happen if I unplugged my laptop to go someplace else with it. It all appears to be working now.

Thanks everybody!