Asus UX303LA

Hello everyone,

I bought the laptop I mentioned in the title just over a week ago and after years of working on different flavors of the redhat family, I decided to try opensuse. And I liked it more than I would have thought. Everything worked out of the box. Except one thing. The laptop has an airplane mode shortcut(Alt+F2). The indicator on the keyboard is always on but it’s not in airplane mode at all. And nothing happens when I hit Alt+F2. This doesn’t really bother me but I noticed something odd. There is a strange single click-like noise every time the indicator turns on(the led). This is when I turn on or off the laptop. I’ve been digging through the dmesg and xorg logs for hours but noting to point me in any direction. So suggestions are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Currently on ASUS N551, so I don’t know if yours might behave the same… still:

  1. to have some Fn keys working I had to add "acpi_osi= " (including the trailing blank) to the boot line.
  2. the “airplane mode” is activated by fn+F2 (not Alt+F2 which opens a command prompt).
  3. The “airplane LED” is inverted nonetheless (lit when in “radio” mode, off when in “airplane” mode) but I don’t care.
    Hope this helps.