ASUS USB-N10 Wireless N Adapter Help

Hello, I recently installed OpenSUSE on my other desktop today. Upon installing, I had some GPU issues (HD 6670 Turk) and I needed to install the GPU drivers needed, however, I do not have an internet connection because for some reason, this adapter is not supported, even though it is supported on other distros natively.

I have downloaded the source files needed to compile the driver, however, make isn’t installed by default. How would I go about installing this? I saw in another thread that you could install the packages off of the install media, but no one has gone in depth of how to install those packages off of your install media. Am I supposed to do this through the live environment or can I just pull off the packages from the DVD?

(Most things cited from here:

The main things I need to install are:
-kernel-devel and kernel-headers

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