ASUS ROG G553V + hybrid video card


I’m currently trying to install OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 on an ASUS ROG laptop with a hybrid (Intel+NVidia) video card. In the past, I’ve done many installs on various PCs and laptops equipped with simple NVidia cards, so replacing the nouveau driver with the proprietary nvidia driver is trivial. But I’ve never configured such a card.

I’ve googled the subject a bit, but there seems to be a wealth of confusing information. I’m no lamer for RTFM, so if anybody can point me to some reliable information about the subject, that would be very much appreciated.

Cheers from the sunny South of France.

I don’t have Optimus, but the subject does come up often on the forums. What follows are the URLs that often come up as a result:

Note that there are three competent X drivers appropriate for NVidia GPUs:

  • modesetting (new technology FOSS DDX upstream default; suited to Intel GPUs also; provided by the X server, normally used automatically if optional rpms are not installed)
  • nouveau (old technology reverse-engineered FOSS DDX; usually automatically used if optional xf86-video-nouveau rpm is installed)
    *]NVidia (proprietary)

Thanks for the information. I spent about a day and a half wading through all the documentation and experimenting a lot. The laptop now works perfectly. Here’s a detailed blog article I wrote: