asus rg strix g15 amd advantage fan controole

so i looked into fan controle for my laptop and found this

In Kernel 5.6 there is a fan mode for asus laptops, check if you have /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/throttle_thermal_policy 2 - Silent, 0 - Balance, 1 - Turbo, similar to the modes in armoury crate on windows.

i do indeed have that foler ad fille the default setting is 0 but every time i change it using sudo nano from 0 to 1 it just changes back upon reboot why and how can i fix it or do something similar.

also my FN+fan key dose nothing when pressed maybe a fix for that would work?

or would i want to change something in this directory to controle fan speed


i have fils labled

[default setting of 2100]


[default setting of 2]