Asus PRO58S brightnes

I have Asus pro58s laptop. A have installed suse 11.1 and the problems are:

  1. When booting - brighrnes goes down and no way to increase it. I have light sensor on my laptop. In Vista it determinates how much light in room and increase or descrease brightnes. In Suse it works strange. When I cover this sensor by my finger - brightnes goes down. When i point a flashlight to this sensor - brightnes goes up. How to disable this sensor?
  2. No media keys are working. Only sleep key. (Thats why i can’t increase brightnes)

I’m sorry for my poor english. I’m from Russia…

If anybody can help me - thanks a lot. I realy want to use this OS.

Found a solution:
echo ‘0’ > /sys/sys/devices/paltform/asus-laptop/ls_switch

Brightness and volume keys not working.
kpowersave interface interprets the slider value on the brightness control ina a reverse way (100% brightness = 0% kpowersave)

Any sugestions?