ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 nic

This motherboard uses an Attansic/Atheros L2 NIC. The L2 chip is not the same as the L1 chip. It doesn’t look like it is supported. Can someone double check? If I can find the driver, how do I get the nic chip added to the distro? Thanks

Motherboard Compatibility List

I checked for P5GC and I don’t see that on the list.

As for the drivers, I found the following page…


I’m not very experienced with non-compatible drivers, so maybe someone more experienced will be able to help you.


What versions have you tried? Maybe it’s in the kernel mainline now (haven’t looked) and therefore in 11.0?

I have installed Suse 11, CD with L2 drivers(in 10.3 work just fine) in 11Suse can’t compile/install these drivers, cant find working drivers :frowning: Is there any issue for Atheros L2 Network Card cards? :frowning:

See here Atheros L2 Gigabit ethernet driver. This driver is in the openSUSE oss repository.