Asus P53 Notebook + KDE = black screen, Gnome = ok (partly)


just installed a fresh ASUS P53E DOS-machine (no Windows, CPU i3-2330M with Sandy *****) with openSuse 12.1 amd64.

Under KDE, after mounting the partitions, the screen is switched off (Backlight=off) and won’t come back again.
If I go to the F1-Console, I can stop X (with init 3) and then startx - X is coming up and everything looks ok, even WLAN is there.
If I do init 5, black screen again.

After some Google-guesswork, I decided to install GNOME. Et voilà - at first it works without a problem.
So there must be a severe bug in the initial KDE screen management?

However, in Gnome, if I press the power button, the system goes to sleep - and never wakes up again.
It shows some weird message about debugging the suspend output to the console and just dies.

I looked for the suspend/hibernate/poweroff setup in GNOME - but it’s not there (no wonder, it’s Gnome 3 and there’s a lot not there yet).

So how can a normal user power down a Suse 12.1 machine with GNOME if the powerbutton behavious cannot be changed?
Is there some kind of documentation on this? I couldn’t find anything about manual GNOME 3 configuration with openSuse 12.1, just how to find the menus and click an icon.

Waiting for the bugfixes …


Out of curiosity, during boot to kde when screen 1st goes black , what happens if you close the notebook lid and quickly re-open it?