ASUS Laptop

Got myself a new laptop ASUS G50vt-x1.

Pretty decent machine

SATA 7200 rpm 320 gig hard drive

DVD/CD Burner with LightScribe

4 gigs DDR

Nvidia 9800m gs




1.3 megapixel web cam

and on and on

Anyways, this thing is just incredible for a laptop, and just about everything worked out of the gate with openSUSE 11.1.

The only drivers I installed were beta nvidia drivers, and drivers for the oled display.

It has a small led display just above the keyboard that is capable of displaying whatever you want if creative enough to make some new scripts for it. I however am not that creative and stuck with what it offers.

May be kind of silly to some folks but I am loving it. It’s a great way to polish off a great OS on a great laptop by displaing some Linux goodness.

I am not much of a camera man, but made a small video showing how it looks.

Flash video, so you need flash plugin capable browser to see the vid.


Freakin Sweet!!!

I want one of those!!!

Good to know the 9800m works, a friend of mine had problems with 11.0 and one of those… as well as random bleeping grub bootscreens with powermanagement enabled :P.

Ah well, at least I can inform him ONE of the problems has been solved. If you got the time, please update the openSUSE HCL if you have the time for it. (or ask me or oldcpu to do it for you)

Not sure what that language at that site was, but it’s all giberish to me rotfl!

Darn it… silly local stuff still being picked up somewhere redirecting me to the gibberish (Dutch) site, happens every so often… don’t know why. My entire install is in english as is my firefox,

Good old plain english <- That ought to do the trick

Very nice. Such a simple idea, you wonder why no one else has thought of it before.