ASUS K550J - Leap not working

I tried to install 42.1 from USB and DVD more that, a 20 times on ASUS K550J laptop. I was installing it like UEFI and Legacy, and results was the same. Some time in middle of installation everything freeze, some time all is ok. After installation I need to restart laptop couple of times because when Suse start to load there is message “nouveau pfifo unk06”, and after that laptop freeze. After couple of times when suse finally load, and I login, after 5 minutes sistem freeze. I was able after some time to install NVIDIA drivers from community repository, and no success, same story. Finally I make kernel update from Online Update option, and now when I press Start Leap 42.1 i only get black screen with freeze prompt line.

How did you install the NVIDIA driver?

By picking the advanced option in the GRUB bootloader menu you should be able to start the previous kernel. But, I have my doubts on how you installed stuff, since I installed Leap on K550J without isssues.

If that is an optimus notebook DO NOT install NVIDIA driver you must use Bumblebee and nvidia-bumblebee not the normal NVIDIA driver. First remove NVIDIA driver then install bumblebee stuff

Yup, problem was bumblebee.