Asus G60Jx (Best Buy) Open Suse 11.x does not like Asus System Restore Partition

I have an asus g60jx laptop from best buy with the system restore partition at the start of the drive. every version 11.0 11.1 and 11.2 all will not resize the drive and error out (however ubuntu 10.x works fine) I do not want to manually resize the drive or delete the system restore partition as if i need to send in for service i will need to have the os that the system shipped with only on it which is Win 7 HP. I have Win 7 Pro on it.

So I have a Dell Laptop and it also has a restore partition as the first partition. I was unable to get openSUSE 11.2 to re-size it and Windows did not offer enough space on a re-size either. I had lots of free space, but this is a work laptop and I decided to not blow it all up. I instead purchased an external USB 500 gigabyte hard drive and loaded openSUSE 11.2 there and it works like a champ. I can help with specific instructions on how to do this if you like.

One other note, openSUSE will create an entry in Grub for all FAT and NTFS partitions that it finds. So, not thinking about it I picked the first Windows Grub Menu item, which booted the restore partition and not Windows. As luck would have it, it did not wipe out the Windows partition as I had booted from the external drive, but it started formatting the openSUSE partition (your boot drive is always HD0 and the openSUSE partition was the second partition on this drive). I had to reload openSUSE and I dodged a bullet where the Windows partition could have been destroyed. So, consider the result of trying to boot from the restore partition by mistake.

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My ASUS eeePC came with the restore partition, but also a restore CD
with the image on it, does it have one. If so just blow the restore
partition away? I also changed the original drive from 160 to a 250GB

Besides, if I was sending a notebook back for repair I wouldn’t send
the battery or hard drive anyway.

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