asus eee 1000 heb partition freezes

I’m a newb/beginner. this is my first issue with linux though. I have an asus eee 1000 heb, yes with the b and can’t install 11.1 opensuse on it as well as even ubuntu 9.04. It freezes during the partitioning on each and if I’m remembering correctly it was at 5% on both. I don’t have any idea what I can do to complete it successfully. please help me with this. also it’s a clean install. just over windows xp if that helps.
thanks in advance.

Are you installing from a DVD and do you have a copy of the ASUS
restore DVD?

I’m thinking it maybe the hidden restore partition creating problems,
which maybe easier to remove beforehand if you have the above restore
DVD etc.

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Also a beginner who was struggling with partitioning. Here is how I solved it:
My older machine had 4 partitions (that’s the max) - C with XP, D with some files , and 2 from Dell(incl the reinstallation partition).
In Windows, I deleted D (yes deleted) and made it an extended partition. Than I ran Suse from the CD - it found the extended partition right a way and suggested a subdivision in 3 partitions. I accepted this and installation went with no problems. So I still have the max of 4 partitions but one has 3 sub-partitions (or whatever it is called). And now I have a dual boot machine - XP and Suse
Let us know

I have an Asus Eee 1000H with dual boot openSUSE 11.1/KDE 4.3 and Windows XP. The key to my succes was using Gparted (booted from (a live CD or) USB memory) to rearrange the hard drive partitions to make space for both XP and openSUSE. The Windows partition has to be shrunk without erasing XP, because re-installing Windows from the Asus CD will reset the hard drive to its original partitioning pattern. Gparted (recent version) does that easily, as long as the Windows partition is large enough for XP’s files, but the process takes some time. I made a relatively small /home partition but a larger vfat document partition shared by Windows and openSUSE.

You can redo the whole partitioning table and the ASUS restore dvd will
install in the partition you choose :wink: I used the openSuSE install
DVD in rescue mode and using fdisk to redo the partition size, then
just booted from the ASUS dvd and re-installed.

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Yes. It has synaptic package manager. The machine comes with IM software. I dont think it does AIM but it does support several other popular networks. You can use the package manager to install additional chat clients. Bear in mind the machine uses Linux, not Windows, so the software is a little different, as is the installation procedure.

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