Asus E200HA - Sound Card Issue

Please see here for ALSA PasteBin link

Am setting this little machine up for a client…

Still a bit of a noob…

Am getting absolutely no sound; all else is working very well…

lsmod |grep sound gives:

snd_soc_sst_byt_cht_nocodec 16384 0
snd_hdmi_lpe_audio 28672 0
snd_intel_sst_acpi 20480 1
snd_intel_sst_core 90112 1 snd_intel_sst_acpi
snd_soc_rt5645 151552 0
snd_soc_sst_atom_hifi2_platform 110592 3 snd_intel_sst_core
snd_soc_rl6231 16384 1 snd_soc_rt5645
snd_soc_sst_match 16384 1 snd_intel_sst_acpi
snd_soc_core 282624 3 snd_soc_sst_byt_cht_nocodec,snd_soc_sst_atom_hifi2_platform,snd_soc_rt5645
snd_compress 24576 1 snd_soc_core
snd_pcm_dmaengine 16384 1 snd_soc_core
snd_pcm 159744 6 snd_soc_sst_byt_cht_nocodec,snd_hdmi_lpe_audio,snd_pcm_dmaengine,snd_soc_sst_atom_hifi2_platform,snd_soc_rt5645,snd_soc_core
snd_timer 40960 1 snd_pcm
snd 106496 6 snd_compress,snd_hdmi_lpe_audio,snd_timer,snd_soc_sst_atom_hifi2_platform,snd_soc_core,snd_pcm
soundcore 16384 1 snd

cat /proc/asound/modules gives:

0 snd_hdmi_lpe_audio
1 snd_soc_sst_byt_cht_nocodec

pactl stat gives:

Connection failure: Connection refused
pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused

Really don’t know what I’m doing… Can anyone solve this soonest please?

Have a look in YaST’s sound module. Make sure the actual soundcard ( not some HDMI ) is defined as the primary soundcard.
If that doesn’t solve things, install pavucontrol , run it and fiddle around with the settings.

I note your PC is an " Asus E200HA" . I also note:

!!PCI Soundcards installed in the system
No PCI sound cards ...

Searching the internet I note many GNU/Linux users of different GNU/Linux distributions struggling with this hardware.

I can’t tell from a quick surf any fix was successful, although I note an alsa sound driver developer in April-2017 (who also happens to be an openSUSE packager) trying to get this to work.

I recommend you don’t waste time - but rather immediately raise a bug report on Tumbleweed kernel. There is guidance for bug reports here:

Use your openSUSE username and password to log on to bugzilla. Attach to the bug report the script information (as a text file) that you get by running:

/usr/sbin/ --no-upload

provide all the salient information in the bug report post and do not bother to reference this thread. The openSUSE sound packager (who is an alsa sound driver) who addresses the bug report will NOT read a forum thread.

Every few days check the bug report for a response. You may be asked to try some test kernels. After answering a request for more information, ensure you clear in the bug report any “need info” flag.

Good luck.