Asus DV RW not working

I’ve got a dual boot machine with an asus DRW-2014L1T optical drive. It works fine in Windows XP but now not in OpenSuse 11.1, although it did when I first installed it.If I put a CD in, the power light flashes briefly - and then nothing happens. YAST correctly identifies the model when I click the “hardware information” function which produces a long text list of attributes but it does not appear in the first screen which shows pictures of the other items of hardware such as the display, the keyboard and the mouse. ASUS don’t seem to do linux software for this drive.
Any comments gratefully received.

Try launching file manager (nautilus in GNOME or dolphin in KDE4) and opening the CD there (it should be somewhere on a left panel). It’s possible that the drive works fine but the DE isn’t configured to pop up notifications for new storage media.

The drive does not appear at all in Dolphin - even thought YAST appears to be able to return its details.

… I’ve just tried to use the Media Check facility in YAST. This recognises the drive and it will check a data disk. It says that it cannot read a music CD.

Ah, this is now clarifying as an Amarok problem - the CD plays fine in KsCD - it would just be nice to use one media player rather than several!

Is it a problem just with music CDs? Data CD and DVD work fine?