ASUS A3A sound and screen size

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie
I cannot get sound out of my ASUS A3A and the screen font size is awfully large with huge icons. How do I adjust thes please

treid the audio trouble-shooting guide ? if not, find it here SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE


thank you deltaflyer. I’ve finally found how to turn up the speakers but still cannot get the DVD/CD player to mount. Struggling hererotfl!

I see you finally got sound working:
ASUS A3A sound and screen size - openSUSE Forums

Reference your screen font, this is highly dependant on the desktop you use, and you must supply that information to get help. ie KDE3 ? KDE4 ? Gnome? It also helps if you advise as to the openSUSE version. ie 10.3 ? 11.0 ? Since this can also be graphic driver related (albeit not likely) you could also advise as to your graphic hardware in your Asus.

Apologies - I messed up my public and private response to you.

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I think I might be beating this folk.
Well, booting and rebooting is good 'cos I’ve finally got the CD/DVD drive to register and YaST Control Centre tells me that I have a TS-L532A on (/dev/sr0)with Device Names
… but now when I insert a music DVD it won’t play.Instead I get a message from Amorak that there are no devices available and that I need to configure my media devices. OK…so? I go to the Amorak handbook and click on the icon and it says it cannot access the KDE help Centre. Big help that one.

Although I can find I have a DVD drive under YaST I cannot find an icon to configure it. Wait!!! I’m letting you guys see all this as it happens. I got fed up. Cut and pasted this message to a .doc … rebooted and suddenly I find I can access the player through Application>Multimedia>CD Player and there under the ‘extras’ button at the bottom of the player window is a configure KsCD option. However, I found that I get nothing if I don’t click on the ‘allow encoding selection’.

Oh…if you’ve got tinny sound on your normal volume control on the bar at the bottom of the desktop window - BIIIIIIIIIIG Secret…go to the player under Application>Multimedia>CD Player and ratchet it (literally) up a few notches on the funny little volume bar with an icon like a fried egg yolk with ratchet bars at the right side…not a loudspeaker folks…a black egg yolk! MS Windows must have a copyright on loudspeaker icons (but wait, it’s on the desktop tool bar so that cannot be … how long before we come across standardization to help all us dummies through this?)

What fun…and here was me wondering what I was going to do with my retirement…Why, learn OpenSuse 11 of course …by which time version 12 should be out and I can die trying to master that)

All I have to do now is find a way to regulate the size of this GIIIIIIIIIIIGANTIC text in this form field when pasting to the forum and I’ll be sort of home and hosed…incidentally it’s telling me that I have text size 1 on the menu at the top of the screen.

Oh yeah…and trying to get the updates downloaded (and suddenly the updater is activated on the latest reboot with a notice on the desktop toolbar that updates need to be installed …Done!!!)

But…hang on wait for it…I was about to say that I cannot do a find package and install on YaST Package Manager because I got all sorts of ‘cannot find/use/system’ messages. But after this reboot it’s finally found updates for OpenOffice thesaurus(which I wasn’t looking for but hey…who am I to complain rotfl!) when all I really want is Wine and Thunderbird.

Ho hum…I’ll let you all know what comes next. This is fun.

How tortuous is this? What’s wrong with having a simple device manager under MyComputer with a right click “configure this device” option…in fact…what’s wrong with the system not automatically configuring the device on install and why all the boots and reboots to get stuff to show up on the menus? Hey, I’m no pundit…I believe in all this “no pain no gain” stuff for strengthening the character and the mind… but this amount of pain for something that’s supposed to be going to beat the tar out of MS Windows…I think not guys…

Still … I’ve got this far…I’m sticking with it.

Encourage me folk…I’m sensitive right now…am I doing good Mom?:slight_smile:

You’re doing great ! :slight_smile:

A general blurb about how I view Linux. … Its built on a structure of anarchy … with democratic islands here and there supporting various key parts of ensuring the operating system (OS) functions. But that does often mean there is not a co-ordinated approach to a solution.

Hence there often will not be a consistency in icons, nor indeed a consistency in installation nor configuration methods. And that is due to the nature of the beast.

The beast is in the most part made up of open source free software provided by volunteers. The worry is if draconian laws were enforced to ensure more consistency, there would be less volunteers for the OS. Hence the basic freedom means contributions can come in all sorts of wild and wonderful shapes, and gradually over time, other developers (not the original) who have a uniform view of the universe will try to influence the design for more uniformity. But it doesn’t happen soon, and the underlying anarchy ensures a constant state of flux and some chaos.

Thats the beast, and while many of us who have been around for a while in Linux love this free flowing some what anarchical structure, it definitely can drive newbies to despair. … So hang in there, and try to enjoy the ride. :slight_smile: