Asunder Shows CD tracks and CDDB lookup result but will not run.

Trying to rip a CD to file on my new LEAP 42.1 machine with Gnome desktop. I have installed the multimedia packages as usual and am using asunder (grip is no longer supported,) and I am not brave enough to use CLI rippers until I know all is working.

With the CD in the drive and if I start asunder the drive spins and asunder shows all the tracks correctly but when I try to start ripping there is no progress and everything stays at 0%.

I have a suspicion it may be hardware issue and have tried pointing to CD-ROM using /dev/cdrom and /dev/sr0 but to no avail. On one occasion it did start to rip but then failed and stalled.

Grateful for any pointers as to what I am doing wrong. Also suggestions for another ripper in case it is an asunder problem.

What about soundconverter?

Hi Malcolm and thanks. Will try but have been doing more digging and I suspect it is the DVD device. It is on an IBM server and may have limited features. Strange that it can read the titles though. I wonder if it could be a driver issue but bottom line is I have ordered a new drive which should do the trick!!!