Asterisk with libpri

Hi all, I’m spanish so sorry for my english.

I’ve an openSuSE 11.1 x86_64 Xen dom0 - Kernel
In a domU, I’ve installed asterisk (dahdi, libpri, etc) from Index of /repositories/network:/telephony:/asterisk/openSUSE_11.1

domU has access to my PCIs telephony cards TDM410P (Analog) and B410P (ISDN)

the problem is than when I load Asterisk, I can see “chan_dahdi.c: Unknown signalling method ‘bri_cpe’ at line 46.”. Googling this, the reason is than chan_dahdi.c is not compiled with libpri support.

I’ve try compiling from Asterisk’s official site sources, the whole tree (libpri, dahdi, dahdi-tools, Asterisk, Asterisk AddOns). Anyone can help me?. Or better, can the man mantainig the network:/telephony:/asterisk build with libpri support, PLEASE!!:’(:’(

Thanks in advance.