Assistance with file media server with remote access local network only

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i need help with something, first I will try to explain my goals and then will try and explain where Iam battling

**my goals:

  1. Bought hp gen 10 MicroServer x3216 - complete
  2. choose a base os - complete ie opensuse leap
  3. installed os - complete
  4. microserver booting and running - complete
  5. Get remote server running on os
  6. install Vnc client on windows desktop - complete
  7. setup samba on file server
  8. connect file server hdds
  9. share hdds on local network
  10. are hdds accessable on local network
  11. have 5 accounts for access including the admin
  12. setup phone and desktop clients to access

**the post:
ok so I did try other Linux based operating systems before leap and from the get go I had problems , I got them to boot but then after that there was issues from the start and seemed to be os related or compatibility application dev issues. So I thought to give leap a try and it is very much more stable and easier to work with though it did take me a few times to run the install to get the system as I like it and choose the mate desktop eventually and selected the software that I wanted in the install so at the moment the system is running quite happily and Iam very happy with how it is running on the system and hardware they seem to be a very good match, so that Iam happy about.

the goals above are in no certain order it’s just there so you know what Iam trying to do and so you can see it and is more of a list. I have installed vnc viewer on my main windows 7 desktop and so at the moment Iam at the point where I want the Linux MicroServer accessible via the windows desktop so that I can take the second screen away and login to it from the windows desktop. So I need the vnc service to run and always be running and start from reboot and or shutdown start, so the idea is the server will be tucked away somewhere once everything is set up , but it is a lot easier for me if I can get this part working then work from that point and configure through the vnc session.

what I have found is, is that I can get the Remote Desktop service running in opensuse mate by selecting Network Services › Remote Administration (VNC) and then by selecting admin with or with out session management and firewall disabled or enabled. I have tried all options and with different results I have been doing it so many times Iam not sure which scenario gave me which result but a few time I got the SUSE login screen and I thought I had it working but then once entering the admin password on the SUSE screen an error came up saying oops something went wrong and you need to log out or something like that.

Also most the time I just get a black screen on the client side with a square little box for a mouse and it jat stays that way. I did look up this issue but it seems that this is an old issue and is perhaps resolved, because the one solution I read was to edit the host file and when I found the file it was already looking as if the solution was applied in a previous release

so I feel that I almost have it working but it seems that Iam missing something but Iam not sure what.

Ok this post is getting long now so I will stop it here and I appreciate you assistance

Welcome to openSUSE Forums. As with many new users it is not unusual to have many questions around getting a system configured for particular uses in a given environment. Anyway, you’re generally best advised to start individual threads with suitably descriptive titles to attract the attention of those that may be able to offer their help. On that note here’s some useful references for setting up and managing a samba server…

Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

Apart from the advice above to make different threads for differenr questions/problems (in the best fitting sub-forum with a good title that will draw the attention of theose you need for that particular subject), plesae refrain from using strange colours. I have difficulty reading that green on white you used.

My conclusion is that one of the things you ask for is “file serving”. Above you are pointed to Samba. I like to add that when server and clients all all Unix/Linux, then NFS is the native way to go.

Since a couple of years my answer to a lot of your questions is: Nextcloud. It’s ( with the numerous apps you can add to it ) feature rich, and it has both a webinterface and clients for all common OS’s. And … with a domainname and some redirection ( and proxy if one wants ) it can be made accessible from both local and external network. Last thing I’d mention is that their documentation is awesome, never failed me.
I use Nextcloud for file storage, sharing, photo sync from my phone, chat, (video)calls, project planning (and probably a lot more ).

hehe thanks for the welcome lol yes sorry for the longggggggggg first post but i been at this for two weekends and finally decided i need help lol
thanks for the links i will have a look

ok cool sorry about the colours i was trying to make like a green for complete type colour system lol

yes it is abit tricky as iam trying to get this service running to windows/ios/android clients 0_0

mmm ok thanks i have not heard of this i will look it up and see.

many thanks for the advice

i thought to have one thread rather then break it up but anyway let me check on the links and suggestions and i will post back soon