Assistance in modifying evdev

Can someone please assist me in making the following change on OpenSUSE 11.1?

[ubuntu] [HOWTO] Fix for Stuck Volume/Multimedia Keys - Ubuntu Forums](

Two questions:

  1. which package would give me the source for evdev and
  2. what is the equivalent package in OpenSUSE for xutils-dev?

Also can anyone provide any other advice you think might be of assistance if they see any step in there that would differ.

You assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

evdev is in xkeyboard-config and is in
xorg-x11-driver-input. You might try updating the version from the X11

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As far as I know evdev is not needed anymore. All my mouse buttons and multimedia keys works without any issues but sometimes they cannot be assigned as I want (only mouse buttons) for this you can use xmodmap. I assigned the keyboard multimedia keys via kcontrolcenter (kde3 or kde4) and it worked flawless. You can test if the buttons in general work with the xev utility.

Hope this helps