Assigning CPUs/sockets?

In Windows I can tell a process to run on a specific CPU - is there any way to do that in OpenSuSE 11.1?

I have MPI runs that bounce all over memory, and that wastes memory bandwidth. I have quad-core Opterons, and each socket has its own memory, so I’d like to specify each MPI startup to stay in one CPU can with its own memory.

Take a look at schedtool- I think it does what you need.
schedtool(8) - Linux man page

I had to do this for an older game of mine- it needed to be restricted to one CPU otherwise it would hang.

I’ll have to check it out. It doesn’t seem to be in any of the ordinary repos and the command line doesn’t recognize it…

EDIT: OK, I found python-schedutils on pbone…