Assign Windows key to present windows on HP 4540s

Is there any way I can assign the super (Windows) key to the Present Windows action in KDE (that thing which shows you the windows when you hover the upper left corner)?
Similar to how GNOME shell works.

As far as I can tell, the Windows key can’t be used as a kde menu key. Its called a meta key and can be assigned in combination to other keys to run something if you wish. I found one link on the subject that might help, but I just ignor the key myself.

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Well then is there any way to change the META+Tab command from Next Activity to showing the windows?
I found how to add a new command, but I don’t know what that command is.

You mean the “Present Windows” effect you get when you press Ctrl+F10 or move the mouse in the upper-left corner of the screen?

Enter “Configure Desktop”->“Desktop Effects”->“All Effects”, look for “Present Windows” and click on the wrench to configure it. You can change the keyboard shortcut there.

Wow, I’m still amazed about how configurable KDE is. Never thought of looking there.
Thank you!