aspire revo - ion drivers

Hi all. I boght this pc, aspire revo, with the intention to use it in conjunction with opensuse 11.2, which i use on my laptop. The install went very fine, everything working otb. Then i decided to install the nvidia proprietary drivers, for the integrated geforce engine. Well: one click install resulted in no graphics. Trying to lanch X, it resulted in an error concernig nvidia module, non X related. So i de-installed those drivers, downloaded the official ones from the official site, and started the script. No luck: it was not able to build the module. Finally i recompiled the kernel, started again the script , but no luck again. Keep in mind that two of my other pc’s have nvidia cards, and on the both i was able to build the propritary module, one on opensuse 11.0, the other on opensuse 11.1. So i hope that someone out there has experience on these chipset (ion) or better on this pc (aspire revo). Thanks for reading

  • bcrisciotti,

11.1 is supposed to work on the revo, and I read on the web that it keeps running if you upgrade to 11.2 from 11.1.
Worth a try, IMHO.


thank you. I will give it a try, even if i have to reformat. Lucky me i built a custom 11.1 with susestudio!