Aspire one 110L and opensuse 11.1 problems

I have just installed opensuse 11.1 on my Acer Aspire One 110L and although i’m generally happy, I have some problems.

First I’m getting a fail to unmount the root partition (on SSD) on every reboot followed by “recovering journal” on boot.

Second I cannot make suspend to ram to work, it always halt the system.

Third the wifi leds are not working (well I can live with that :slight_smile: ).

If you need any additional information feel free to ask.

Those problems are all bugs. If you want to see them fixed, then the thing to do is to use the “Bugzilla” bug reporting system. You have 3 different bugs there. I would suggest you start with the first one. Search the existing bug reports and see if the problem has been reported. If so, then set yourself to receive email messages regarding that bug. If you have more information than what has already been provided, then you can add a Comment, and you will automatically be included in further email. If not, you can set the notification to send you email without posting a comment.

If there is no existing bug report, then you can start a new one.