(ask) kerio on opensuse

Hi all,
iam ebil. iam a newbie in using opensuse and linux in common. my company ask me to migrate our internet server to linux so i choose open suse. in my windows server i use kerio as our firewall n dhcp server. when i migrate on open suse i try to setup opensuse router. DHCP,Router n DNS server already working. My question is how come i use web site authentication just like kerio firewall when a client/user is accessing a website??
thanks before. GBU

So called “Personal Firewalls” like kerio don’t exist on Linux for a simple reason.

The only feature that works reliably with personal firewalls is that they all suck.

not “personal firewalls” i mean kerio winroute.

You are talking about some windows software most people won’t know, so you should explain what that thing does or at least post a link to a description of the software.

here is the kerio website Kerio Technologies, Inc. | Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Securely. | Kerio. i used kerio winroute for DNS and DHCP server in windows. one of the feature of kerio is website authentication when user/client try to accessing a website. now, i try to migrate in openuse for routers. DNS n dhcp already working here. but i dont know how to settup website authentication for user/client in a network. iam sorry bro cos iam a newbie. i need help. thanks

If you are talking about users having to authenticate before being able to surf the web, then you want a proxy with authentication (and maybe optional filtering properties).

If so, squid might be what you want.

ebilma2 wrote:

> not “personal firewalls” i mean kerio winroute.

I think you would have similar results in opensuse by using a firewall
(SuSEfirewall2) and some kind of proxy (Squid).



thanks alkoeh, i willbe looking for squid information.