ASAP heeeeeeeelp .. i formatted the laptop mistake :(


i need help asap please

i installed opensuse using cd but during installation some errors happen because of me – i think i was not good with the partition thing before the installation starts –

what happen now is

the laptop have no os - windows vista - on it … there is nothing …

and iam using the opensuse cd now to write this thread

the major scary problem is that … this is not my laptop

and all the data have gone …

what can i do now … i donot want windows to come back

i just want the files … how can i get them back

pleeeeeeeeeees help me :’(

I am afraid you did not read any piece of documention or forum post on system installation and/or partitioning. All of them state very clear that you should make a backup first.

Now when you said OK during installation, after the partition proposal was made to you and after you accepted that, in short the OK on the DO YOU REALY WANT … BECAUSE I WILL OVERWRITE … Question, you can be pretty sure that everything is gone, even if your openSUSE installation did not succeed completely.

I do not know if any magician may show up here, but I doubt. Computer geeks are geeks, no magicians. And computer forensics may be very costly.

You can use testdisk to recover your lost partitions. This program is included in SystemRescueCd-x86-1.1.4 (245 MiB) that you can download here SystemRescueCd: Files.
You have to burn this image to CD, then boot from it and issue ‘testdisk’.

Let’s not panic - not yet at least. You may not think Windows is there, but it may be. It actually takes a bit of hard work to completely destroy Windows. :wink:

First, let’s take a look at the partition table. In the LiveCD, open a terminal window, switch to root (the “su” command w/o quotes), and post back here the output of this:

fdisk -lu

Tools like Testdisk are excellent, but don’t go that path until you are sure of what the problem actually is.

If you decide to do this, and if you can, please use a different computer to burn the image to CD. Someone is going to be very upset with you already and you should not take a chance of making it even worse! :open_mouth: