As of 11.1 GM Release 18 DEC

As of 11.1 GM Release 18 DEC, please post all your 11.1 help questions in the proper forum in the Main Help Forums. Thanks;) Else, we Mods will have to move them;)

That allows us to keep the Pre-Release/Beta Forum oriented to the bleeding edge new stuff.

Many of you Pre-Release/Beta users have already worked through most of the issues; please roll over to the help forums and pitch-in and help out your fellow members that have not been on the bleeding edge.

In about a week, the Factory repo will become the real 11.2 Alpha 0. It will not be for new Linux users and certainly not for production install as it may revert to command line initially.

I’ll make a separate 11.2 Alpha 0 test install in a couple of weeks (after we get many of the 11.1 initial questions on the Forum put to bed) & get back.

Looking forward to seeing all your new posts about 11.2 Alpha 0.

Let’s make this effective today.

See you Susers in the help Forums until 11.2 Alpha 0 changes over.

And we get to do it again, neat;)