Artifacts in title bar

I’m using 13.1 and KDE 4.11.5. I’m also using Chrome Beta. That is where the problem is worst. If I move between tabs, the previous title does not disappear. It grays out and remains. Often, the title bar will show the entire url of the page I am on and it remains, grayed out, when I move to another tab. I notice this in Konsole if I have tabs open and move between the Konsole tabs.

If I move from one application to another or to the desktop and back, the title bar redraws and the artifacts disappear. Obviously, this is not an earth shaking problem. But, if anyone knows of a fix, please share.

Which theme??

Air openSUSE

  1. try another user see if same probalem
  2. try another theme see if same problem

It could be a video issue so what video card, driver?

I’m pretty sure that where I live we have different laws of physics. I changed the theme and it did not resolve the issue. I changed it back again and LOST networking. It took me 3 days to get it back and it looks nothing like the setup that worked for the last couple of years until I changed the theme. I’m going to start a new thread.