Article: Using software.opensuse to find packages

Finding and Installing Software for openSUSE

You can search for additional software (not available in the default or your current repository list)
You can see your current list of repos in Yast > Software > Repositories
Or open a terminal and do:

zypper lr -d

In our example, we are going to search for ‘Dropbox’. It has complications as a package because it’s desktop sensitive (KDE/Gnome). And actually there is an Article all about installing it:

So it’s always worth looking in the Articles and Blog sections of the Forum first.

Back to our lesson: Searching for Applications (Dropbox)

  1. Visit:
  2. Type Dropbox
    in the search field:Searching for Dropbox

As shown, click Dropbox and see:
Condensed List

Expand the List and see:
All Packages and Repos

That concludes the Eg use of the software.opensuse search
However please note:

  1. Search the forum + Articles and Blog sections and or ask for help
  2. Don’t blindly follow the first thing you find
  3. For one off packages, you would typically disable the added repo/s post install

Nice, compact info and it has all one needs to know.

And if you don’t know the name of a package, but you are looking for a file sharing program, you can go to the German Wiki and there you can find more.