Article: User Reputation Bar

You’ve seen the green reputation bar on all forum user’s profiles when they post. When someone sees a reply that is good, giving reputation points is a good way to reward the individual poster. Click on the star at the bottom left corner of any message to give reputation:


Here is an explanation of what those green sections of the reputation bar mean.


There are 11 total sections of the reputation bar. If a person hasn’t received any reputation from other users, they show 1 gray section of the bar. New users will display this way. For users that have received reputation points from other users, here’s what the bar means:

1 Gray: No reputation points received

From 1 to 50 reputation points, users get 1 dark green section for every 10 reputation points received:

1 dark green: 1-9 reputation points
2 dark green: 10-19 reputation points
3 dark green: 20-29 reputation points
4 dark green: 30-39 reputation points
5 dark green: 40-49 reputation points

From 50 points on, a user earns 1 bright green bar for every 20 points of reputation received:

5 dark, 1 bright green: 50-69 reputation points
5 dark, 2 bright green: 70-89 reputation points
5 dark, 3 bright green: 90-109 reputation points
5 dark, 4 bright green: 110 & above reputation points