Article: Rewarding Good Answers

Do you sometimes wish you had a way to really say “thanks” to that person that answered your question? The best way is to give them reputation points. When you are reading a specific message and want to give reputation points to the poster, click on the star in the lower left border of the message. ( See SUSE Paste )

This will do two things: Let the poster know you appreciate his work and let others know this person gives good answers.

If you want to highlight an entire thread as something valuable/useful/insightful or as something that isn’t helpful at all, use the RATE THREAD link while viewing the thread. This will put rating indicators on the thread list for everyone to see.

The more community members use these functions, the more valuable they will become. Thanks!

Very Good information kgroneman! I would like to add that the star reward seems to be increased when you leave a comment after pressing that star. So, if you really did like the help, tell them why, it is worth even more to the person that helped you. Often it takes a fare amount of effort to come up with a successful answer from our many volunteers. That extra Thank You Star is worth a lot more than you would think…It can be inspiration to do even more. Thank You for your consideration.