Article: NNTP Server Changes

If you access our forums via the NNTP interface, you need to make one little change as soon as possible in your reader to ensure continuity in using our forums. The essentials are outlined in the NNTP section of our forum FAQ

This affects all of The Attachmate Group’s business units. Currently all TAG forums can be found on both of our servers. Select the appropriate DNS name for your reader:
Server A[INDENT]

NOTE: The old server names of and will no longer work after March 31, 2013

This has no effect on anyone using the web interface.

In a nutshell, you need to change the server DNS entry as soon as you get around to it. After March 31st, 2013 the old server name will no longer work. In news readers tested, message pointers remained intact so it was no big deal to change.


We’ve moved our NNTP servers out from behind our A10 switch, which was causing some problems with some readers. It was the A10 that allowed us to use the same DNS for HTTP and NNTP, hence the need for a new name in NNTP.