Article: Multimedia in One Click

If you want to avoid the detailed and more complicated Multimedia Guide, you can choose to install all the basics by following this guide.

  1. Choose your openSUSE version here: openSUSE Versions

Once you are at your version page, click the KDE or GNOME .ymp link to begin the process. If you use XFCE, the Gnome installer is for you. LXDE users will have to determine which to use based on their application base. Or follow the detailed guide linked above.
I have created a slideshow of the process in OpenOffice that you can download here: OneClick Presentaton

or you can watch it online at: Picasa Web Albums - carl fletcher - OneClick Mult…

You can also download the original photos in an archive: OneClick Photo Archive

This guide will be locked. NNTP users, please note, this thread will be updated regularly as work in progress.

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