Article: Moderator Permissions Explained

Global vs Forum Moderator vs Trusted User Permissions
General moderator permissions can be found here:**

This article compares the permissions of our moderators with our highest level of trusted, non-moderator users. This doesn’t cover all permissions, just permissions that are different between the usergroup.

Trusted User Forum Mod Global Mod
Manage blog comments X X
View own blog X X
Create blog categories X X
Blog post to admin categories X X
Have a group blog X
Customize blog style X
Change blog fonts, colors, etc. X X
Edit Delete own blog comments X X
Can see deletion notices X
Can see who read a thread X X
Can delete threads X
Can open/close threads X
Can move threads X X
Can create polls X X
Maximum stored PMs 50 100 100
Can use PM tracking X X
Can view IP addresses X X
Can view detailed user location X X
Can moderate all forums X
Can set invisible mode X X
Can see invisible users X X
Can email members X X
Can see edited msg notes X X
Can view other’s user notes X X
Can manage user notes X
Animated avatar X X
Use images in signature X X
Color/size BBcode in sig X X
Can leave negative reputation X X
View reputation tab in profile X X
Give/View infractions X X
Can customize profile X X
Listed on forum leaders page X X
Edit/Manage visitor messages X X
Can access Forum Mod area X X
Can access Global Mod area X
Can access modcp X X