Arrarmor profile for skype not working in OpenSuse 12.3

Hello all!
Apparmor profile for skype not working in Opensuse 12.3. Skype (v. it is not started.

Tell, please, how to fix it? Thanks for your reply.

The profiles of apparmor are not very well maintained. If you really want to use them (alternative would be to use tomoyo) you should do the following:
make sure the profile of apparmor for skype is set to complain, not to enforce. You can set this in yast - configuration AppArmor - settings, and you set the corresponding profile to complain. You have to know the root password to work with Yast. Once you have done this you have to make your settings take place, so you may have to reboot the machine (but normally it should work right away). Try now to start skype, it should work. If it works, use the programme extensively with all functions you wish to use, then go into the very same setting of appamor in yast and execute “update profile”. Revise the proposed changes in yast and accept what you wish the program shall be able to do. You will have to read the howto in the opensuse security manual (and also this link) about appamor to get a clear idea about the different settings. Once you are done you set tentatively to enforce.
That should suffice.

I’ve also noticed that the AppArmor profile on the SDB:Skype page of the openSUSE Wiki doesn’t work with the latest versions of openSUSE and Skype (13.1 and, respectively). When the profile is enforced, Skype starts but can’t connect to the network.

I tried to follow stakanov’s instructions to update the AppArmor profile, but they don’t work—at least not in openSUSE 13.1. Specifically, there is no “update profile” command in the YaST AppArmor Configuration module.

Does anyone have an AppArmor profile which works with Skype on openSUSE 13.1, or can anyone tell me how I can troubleshoot and fix the existing AppArmor profile from the wiki?

See “man aa-logprof” and “man aa-genprof”.