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I’m proposing this thread be created for support of Arm devices. Please let me know if there is another place where this exists.


I’ve really enjoyed testing with the Raspberry JEOS images!
I’m using icewm with great success. However, I have had to use kdm ( along with required KDE packages) for the remote login - headless/VNC. This is something I’ve had to use for all my builds (not just the ARM devices).
It would be great to hear if anyone has found a fix for this.


I am wanting to use rsync. However, I am getting a safe_read error.
I believe it has something to do with read/write permissions.
I have a 2GB USB drive attached, that I am wanting to sync with another 2GB drive on the local network.
I would like to be able to have it set up where I just turn on the device, and it works without having to attach to any display, or logging in remotely.
Any tips or recommendations to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.


It would be useful if you used a relevant title for your posts and not invent nonsene threads… This is the Hardware sub-forum. Rsync support is normally provided in the Network/Internet sub-forum; I advise you to close this thread and create an appropriate one there. You should do this after searching to see if your problem has already been addressed in the openSUSE forums. You should also indicate which version of openSUSE you are using, and any additional repositories you have added.

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I have extensively researched to find if this specific problem has been resolved. I have found no dedicated thread specific to rsync issues while running an ARM device as a headless configuration.
It would be very helpful to me to have one area focused solely on achieving results with using an ARM device. So far the only related posts I’ve found have been others asking where they can locate an OpenSuse forum dedicated to ARM device support.

One example I have found has been the ArchLinux ARM Forum. This is a very good looking ARM Support Forum. Something like this for OpenSuse would be great.

To me it looks as if you are trying to suggest improvements fort the openSUSE forums here.

IMHO the Hardware forum is not tthe correct place for this. The Forums Feedback > Forums Comments/Suggestions ( looks like a better place to me.

And re-reading this, you realy are mixing all sorts of questions in one thread with a title that will not draw the attention of those knowing about all those different subjects. As explained above, we have a clear structure of (sub)forums. Whne you do not post in the correct (sub)forum and/or do not use a title that explaines your problems main subject, your thread is not likely to get the attention you probably want it to have.

We re all volunteers, butthat does not mean that everubody is bound to read through all the non-subjects in all the (sub)forums. Most people will stick to (sub)forums they have knowledge to share and to the thread titles that seem interesting.

This thread is CLOSED.

On 2014-04-25 02:36, txbluejay wrote:
> I’m proposing this thread be created for support of Arm devices. Please
> let me know if there is another place where this exists.

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