ARM image for openSUSE 13.2


I saw in the OBS many ARM repositories. Is there somewhere an image for openSUSE 13.2 for the ARM architecture?


And then depending on your ARM system and setup. Never used them myself so I can’t help more than show you where the images and repos are.

Thanks, will give it a try!

Hello DocB,

in case you are in need or interested in using modern database software,
IB HP Moonshot is quite interesting:

Also IBM has a ‘real’ database system ported to ARM - INFORMIX!
It has all one will need and many more nice things, like a RESTful API or
support for the API Mongo shell is using (which means hybrid usage as in
join NoSQL data aka collections, JSON input/output ] with SQL style tables).
INFORMIX delivers top performance and is always worth a try.

More here:, the home of the International Informix User Group is a good place
to start to get more stunning details.

The IBM INFORMIX developer edition is free to use. It has some restrictions
of memory size and number of cores it runs on. But one can test almost every
feature including HA, cluster support, bulk loads and so on.

Production versions of IBM INFORMIX are fully supported running on SLES (and
RHEL for that matter) but for many years now I did not have problems when using
a developer edition running on openSUSE, apart from some features of systemd,
which is somehow very legacy agnostic and came in early into openSUSE.


Shvenky, posting from Shvenk’s Lair