Ark Not Opening RAR Archives - Again

openSUSE 42.3 recent install (a few days ago after hitting the plasmashell 100% CPU problem in the previous 42.3 install)

Ark version 17.04.2-1.6 Build date July 20,2017

As the title states, ark won’t open RAR archives. Gives no plugin found error.

I had this problem in 42.2 but it got fixed somehow, I don’t remember, maybe it was the fixes for ark and libkerfluffle last year.

I’ve read a previous report that suggested this was fixed in Tumbleweed for libkerfluffle16 and Ark 16. But I have libkerfluffle17.04.2-1.6 and ark 17, so this looks like a regression to me.

Any ideas?

OK, my bad…Forget it. Turns out the rar file is corrupted. I downloaded another rar file from the Web and it opens fine.