Ark can't read archives


I have a problem with ark.
I clicked on one tar archive for example, ark started but it didn’t open the archive.
With open archive it didn’t do anything too.
I deleted ark, installed it new, but nothing helped.

I am having KDE 4.2 beta 2, but yesterday ark worked with KDE 4.2 and I am having 4.2 beta 2 since saturday.

the ark of KDE 3 works, but I want do run the newer ark.

This is one of the problems with beta software.
Will probably be fixed with an update. For now i would stick with the working kde3 version


but the funny thing is, that on the pc of a friend it works without problems

Yes, it works really great here!
But Ark 4 is still not finished, it lacks many features of Ark 3…