Ark archive explorer on kde doesn't have rar as dependency which breaks rar archive support


I noticed that I cannot modify cbr file contents in ark. The rar plugin in ark was enabled but apparently it doesn’t work properly. Installing the rar package made editing cbr archives possible in ark.

I think the rar package should be added as a dependency for the program for proper rar archive support. Should I report a bug for this?

@piotrus3g rar is a non-free package, as in user choice. That would mean folks have to enable a specific repo to obtain the package which may create issues?

I just noticed that it’s from packman. But doesn’t any distribution archive program support rar completely?

@piotrus3g Not openSUSE Since it’s non-free, unrar is in the non-oss repo though. So really it’s just a “You need to know this…” moment?

But unrar doesn’t allow modifying rar archives.

@piotrus3g Ahh ok :wink:, but since it’s in packman, then adding it as a requirement would not work, maybe a recommends may work?

The problem is that the rar plugin in ark says full support for rar archive format, but it doesn’t mention anything about required packages for this.