Aren't we supposed to be rolling along?

Well, I would like to know why my wife has KDE 4.11.4 on her Kubuntu 12.04 distribution, while I, on my rolling release, am still on 4.11.2! :\

Wow. Commence divorce proceedings immediately. lol!

Perhaps different timings of the main distros’ release schedules have something to do with it, and possibly the Tumbleweed maintainer’s available time.

Well, I guess it’s just the same as with 4.10.x during 12.3:
Because the 4.11.x updates will be released as standard online updates for 13.1 (in the update repo), there is no need to put them into the Tumbleweed repo as well. But updates through the update repo take a little longer because of the Maintenance update process overhead.

See here if you’re interested: openSUSE:Maintenance update process - openSUSE

A side note: openSUSE 13.1’s KDE 4.11.2 is actually nearly 4.11.3 since most of the bugfixes have been added to openSUSE’s packages to be included in 13.1.

Kubuntu 13.10 with KDE 4.11.2 released a month earlier than openSUSE 13.1, and with less customization of KDE possibly.

Anyway it usually takes about a month for T’weed to really start rolling - a good time for the new release to settle and receive early maintenance.

That doesn’t matter. KDE 4.11.2 was available for openSUSE as well long before 13.1 was released (on Oct. 1st, when it was released upstream).

But I doubt that Kubuntu already has KDE 4.11.4 as official update since it was released less than 24 hours ago, maybe there’s some additional repo added?
You can get it for openSUSE as well already since yesterday in the KDE:Release:411 repo. (there’s no version for Tumbleweed though)

That doesn’t matter. Kubuntu and openSUSE both released 4.11.2, but Kubuntu a month earlier. That’s extra time to spend on maintenance, whatever. They only have the one DE to concentrate on with lighter processes, and probably fewer resources to manage. It doesn’t surprise me that they release ahead of openSUSE, and it has happened before.

Again, the 4.11.2 released with openSUSE 13.1 actually is (nearly) 4.11.3, as it already contains most bugfixes from 4.11.3 which was released one month later (Nov. 5th).
And the 4.11.4 packages are available as well already, just not for Tumbleweed. They won’t be put into Tumbleweed, because they will be released as official online updates for 13.1 anyway. But the experience with 12.3 shows, that those online updates will be out about a month after the corresponding KDE release. 4.11.3 should be in the update repo in a few days, 4.11.4 in about a month then.

And to repeat: I don’t think Kubuntu has 4.11.4 in their official repos yet. It may be available from some unofficial PPA though. Just like it is in openSUSE’s KDE repos already.

I knew that anyway, always use the official update repos on T’weed, and never add the KDE repos to T’weed.

So, 4.11.4 will be available in the new year then. How will we manage without it. :sarcastic:

Well, there were not really spectacular changes over 4.11.3, just a few bug fixes, most of them you wouldn’t even notice I guess…
For a list see here:

You guessed right. I ditched Kmail years ago for Thunderbird, but its users should be pleased with the bug fixes if no more are introduced.

I do use KMail exclusively, but none of those fixes really applied to me.

And the one about showing the wrong mail count is already included in openSUSE’s 4.11.3 packages, which should be released in a few days.

I use KMail almost exclusively, too. I have it integrated with Exchange through DAVMail.

BTW, time constraints, and the fact that the “vanilla” KDE packages are updated is a sufficient explanation. As is the fact that I have a repository set on my wife’s machine. :shame:

On Wed, 04 Dec 2013 15:46:02 +0000, Thiudans wrote:

> Well, I would like to know why my wife has KDE 4.11.4 on her Kubuntu
> 12.04 distribution, while I, on my rolling release, am still on 4.11.2!
> :\

But, you now have a newer kernel than your wife does, and that’s what
really matters, now isn’t it? :slight_smile:

For those who haven’t noticed, the 3.12 kernel is now in Tumbleweed, and
other packages will start showing up soon, so we are now back to rolling

As always, if there are individual packages that people want to see
upgraded, that are in openSUSE:Factory, please let me know and I’ll add
them to Tumbleweed.


greg k-h

Regarding the kernel, I am thinking of installing openSUSE on her laptop as she has a duplex video card setup, and without some initrd scripts to disable the High Performance GPU, the PU uses a LOT of power adn the fans sound like a jet about to take off. So when 3.13 comes out, which has a lot of fixes for AMD GPUs, I will give it a try… Hopefully I will even be able to use the HP GPU. :wink:


just looking into the same direction… kernel 3.12 is great! I do run openSuSE Tumbleweed on a Sony Vaio Pro and getting better support for the Haswell CPU is very welcome!!
Regarding KDE I am really waiting for the update to 4.12 or maybe 4.11.3/4, because of some very anoying bug in Digikam. The Digicam 3.5 version which is included in the current KDE version consumes a lot of RAM when using the face recognition. A lot mean moren than 16GB ram plus appoximately 80GB of SWAP file when running it against a DB with moren than 10000 pictures. In addition is is incredible time consuming…