are you having problems with navi and kde (tumbleweed)?

right now im running manjaro and since I got a new gpu (amd XT 5700 is the new one, nvidia gtx 970was the old one) I have major problems.
About once a day I get a gpu reset, sddm login pops up and after I login nothing happens till I hit the reset button.
On gnome the reset wasnt as bad (short black screen and xrandr scaling reset) but gnome is no option because I need fractional scaling for my 4k display and gnome looks like a mess.

but of course I dont want you to solve my manjaro/arch problem, I want to know if anybody uses tumbleweed with kde and a navi gpu.
so I want to see if you have the same problems or if it would be a solution to switch to tumbleweed.

thank you very much!

I tried kernel parameter like amdgpu.ngg=1
here is the journalctl output from the last crash