Suse says they are trying to be the most user-friendly distro available to new users. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME OPEN SUSE???

I have not downloaded ANY distro that has been this hard since Slackware and at least Slackware recognized my DSL modem!!

This distro didn’t even pre-configure my internet connection like 99% of the rest of the distro’s DO that are available today!! I had to go
pre-configure my nic card and then create a dsl connection. I am a novice and had to guess! Good thing I am smarter than the average
bear! But I simply guessed my way through the process. wow…

Not to mention OpenSuse doesn’t even pre-install multi-media to watch movies like most other distro’s. I mean come on…!! And I don’t
want to hear it is against some law or whatever. Then WHY are most other distro’s doing it??? Now I have to go and figure out HOW to
install this ****!! Man… I tell you… you spend HOURS on HOURS simply working on your OS and no time for anything constructive
pertaining to the work I SHOULD be getting done! An operating system should be as simple as possible so you can simply log on and
get the stuff that is important to you DONE!!!

And I’ve only just begun…

I can see I will most likely be going back to MINT soon!!

Sorry, but this post is not a request for help. I shall move it to Soapbox. Please post no responses to this post for the next 10 minutes.

Thank You,

This message thread is now open for comment in the proper forum.

Its OK to be upset with openSUSE Pinstripedtie, but it must be done in the proper forum location. Since you not asking for help, I bid you a due in what ever other Linux Distro you wish to use.

Thank You,

Video isn’t even as clear as in most other top distro’s!! Wow… I’m gone!

Odd. I had problems setting my own configuration (which uses static IPs) during the installation process in the past so these days always let the automatic configuration (which gives me an Internet connection) go through and change to my settings after the system is installed. I find making my changes in Yast (their “traditional” method, I only use KDE Network manager on the laptop) easier than I have with say Ubuntu.

Not to mention OpenSuse doesn’t even pre-install multi-media to watch movies like most other distro’s. I mean come on…!!

I must admit I sort of automatically add the packman repository and select the programs I want so it may be that the need to do this is not clear and I’m just used to the process. Perhaps even less clear is that there are some applications that are in both the openSuse and packman repositories and you may want the packman version, eg. as far as I can remember, both audacity and k3b require the packman version for mp3 support. So yes, perhaps it could be easier.

I suppose most of my OpenSuse setup likes go past the just getting a running system. As well as liking their software management system, when it comes to setting up a DNS server (only on 1 PC), nfs, users (all 3 of us!), etc. I’m glad Yast is around. It is a few versions since I tried Ubuntu and I’ve not tried Mint so I don’t know what the current state is but, in the past I’ve found that overall getting the systems as I want is easier for me with OpenSuse than it is with the (sometimes sort of described as) “Easier Linux” systems.

Tries completely new operating system - complains about differences… :stuck_out_tongue:

And I don’t want to hear it is against some law or whatever.

Do not come here and tell ME what to do. Learn some manners.

On Sun, 02 Sep 2012 03:36:02 +0000, Pinstripedtie wrote:

> I also use AdBlock in Firefox to block ads. Well, it doesn’t even work
> in openSuse!! Wow… I’m gone!

Odd, I use Adblock both in FF and Chrome, and it works just fine here.
Maybe instead of ranting about the issues you’re having, you could ask
some questions to get some help.

Or go to another distro that meets your needs.


Jim Henderson
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On 09/02/2012 08:47 PM, Jim Henderson wrote:

> Or go to another distro that meets your needs.

that would be my first wish!


I’m going to start with my blanket disclaimer and suggest checking the md5sum before burning, and checking the media before installing–it saves a lot of headaches!

I seem to recall reading that the target audience is moderate-advanced users, but I can see how the main page would be a little misleading and lead to frustration:
“It is aimed towards users and developers working on the desktop or server. It is great for beginners, experienced users and ultra geeks alike, in short, it is perfect for everybody!”

Linux Mint is probably more readily accessible to newer users, but I’ve always found the community here to be quite helpful in resolving my problems with a bit of patience and trial and error. The DSL issue is strange, but you the software might be included on the DVD if not on the live disks.

With a quick search, I found Multimedia and Restricted Formats Installation Guide 12.2 by caf4926.

Everybody needs to vent now and then to let off a bit of steam…Now that you have, are you willing to take a little time and effort to learn the differences and ask for help when you get to a sticking point, or are you happier returning to what you’re familiar with?

Keep working at it until you get it configured properly, then sit
back and think about what you learned in the process and whether or
not you are satisfied with the end result.