Are You Adding your info the the HCL?

Can we encourage users to add their systems to the HCL: Portal:Hardware - openSUSE

I just added my EeePC 1015PEM, including the SMOLT: Show Box

I added My PC’s, printer to the list. And Carl you just reminded me I didn’t put my Portable HD on the HCL, i gotta go fix that!

These days I am running everything GNU/Linux in a VM…

How do you that? Just wondering

I did add my printer a long time ago. Haven’t gotten any new hardware lately.

I really should do this because my laptop hasn’t played nice with openSUSE until 12.1! I am still giddy getting desktop effects back, though I may need to turn them off for resources :frowning:

dragonbite: if you have KDE as desktop just enable the effects and then reboot the machine and the effects will be activated; nasty bug this is.

Alt+SHIFT+F12 to toggle effects on/off

I’m saying I’m getting giddy because I have desktop effects working!

I may have to turn them off because they are slowing down the system, which doesn’t have a lot of resources, but at least they work for openSUSE 12.1.

Previous versions of openSUSE, Fedora 15 & 16 and Ubuntu from 10.04 on have all not been handling by Intel video very well. That’s why I’m so happy with openSUSE 12.1, because it is the first time in a year I can get any desktop effects running.

Now my problem is after spending time with my wife’s new computer, I return to my almost 10 year old laptop and it feels really, really sluggish.