Are touch screens supported in oS11.1?

I have an idea for a small cheap media setup that I want to connect a small touch screen to instead of keyboard and mouse.

I looked in the HCL but could see any touch screens listed. I’d appreciate if anyone can comment generally on how well they are supported.

I’d be looking at getting a small 10" or 12" one. Any ideas for a good sheap source?

Touchscreens are supported and fall under the class glidepoint or touchpad mouse. Essentially, a touchscreen which is USB 1.0 compatible usually but not always comes with 2 cables. Cable 1 is the standard VGA for the monitor and the other is the USB mouse one. Be aware that there are two or more types with Capacitive and Resistive being the most popular. Resistive ones can react to finger pointer or the like and have a shorter lifespan 1million resonable touches per location. Capacitive ones very seldomly react to anything but the minute static of finger touch but tend last longer. Also note the surface of the touch screen. If the touchscreen display area is reasonably hard it will be less likely to damage, where softer ones especially one LCD displays can render the whole screen useless if punctured.
It is possible to buy a kit (last time I dealt with them) that can be assembled and added to any monitor. I used to design and build these years ago that’s where my info. Personally, I like them and their cousins the touchpad. For longevity sake, I use a cirque Easy Cat Touchpad mouse on my desktop machine. They last about 15 years compared to mice and trackballs which under heavy use last 1 year at best. FYI a good mouse can cost $69 USD and may last a year where a Cirque easy cat touchpad cost $49 USD every 15 years. You do the math! Touchscreen kits start at $159 USD and go to $450 USD (prices 10 years old) Touchscreen monitors start at $350 and go to $1200 USD (prices also badly dated).:\