are those errors in the OpenSuse 11.2 RC1


i have some problems in opensuse 11.2 RC1 (KDE 4) ext4:

  • gedit and kwrite “find option” does not work! it is greyed so i can not enter words to search for, is this a problem in KDE or in EXT4 file system
  • i tried to install eclipse 3.5 but the create project wizard does not continue to create projects when i type continue button!!

when i did an upgrade form : opensuse 11 32bit (KDE 3, ext3) to opensuse 11.1 32bit (KDE 3,ext3) to opensuse 11.2RC1 32bit it fails and it couldn’t startup, it just blocks before entering the login and password, perhaps it’s because of i had opensuse’s 11.1 nvidia drivers? so i did a fresh install of opensuse 11.2RC1 but there still the above problems

Help me please!

It’s working for me.

Blocks I suppose means locks?

Well, hit esc while booting and figure out where the boot sequence is freezing up. Post again when you get the info.

no still broken:
Debug and search in Eclipse