Are they bugs in Qt4 of openSUSE?

I tried the base, update, and KDE:Qt repo, they all have problems I describe below:

First thing, I found with the default installation, it’s always compile with debug info which makes the executable larger than usual, even if you specify CONFIG+=release. After tracing, I identify it’s in /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/common/g++.conf, the variable QMAKE_CFLAGS_RELEASE. Remove the tail ‘-g’, and the compiled executables are slim as expected. I found a pal has a similar question in a post. I wonder why the ‘-g’ should be specified in RELEASE mode:\

And second, it’s about the interview module. To get an idea of what I say, try this: exec /usr/bin/qtdemo, select “Demonstrations” > “Spreadsheet”, try to edit a cell. If it uses QLineEdit to edit the content, you’ll find the original data in the cell is MISSING. It seems the QDateTimeEdit is still working. This is really annoying. It deletes your content after you left editing mode, without any permission:(

I’m porting one of my application from RHEL5 (with self-compiled Qt 4.5 rc1 from to openSUSE, and these bugs are not present in RHEL5. Can any one explain or give any clues?

Thanks ahead!