Are these the nvidia drivers for 11.2?

I was just looking to see what repos are ready for 11.2 & I ran across this:
Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE
For the sake of the newbies that will inevitably go there are those
the nvidia drivers one would put into yast to install same?

Looks like it for sure

So as a follow up does this mean that we can advise newbs to install these into yast & install from there or do we continue advising the so called hard way?
Personally, for the newbs I like to keep it simple for them. After all they know GUI’s best.

I just tried it and if you look on the ftp there is nothing there yet.

Ok, I see file not found. I’ll try them tomorrow see if there’s anything there. Then again the day of Final. I have an nvidia card
I’ll check it & see if it works.
At that time pre release wouldn’t be the place for it where would I report success/failure?

At that time pre release wouldn’t be the place for it where would I report success/failure?

Correct. It’s release then:)

I agree. It’s release day and still no nvidia repos. It will put many off and attract the usual criticism from my clients. Most folk are simply not capable of the nvidia hard way install. What a pity.

Actually, release day is tomorrow, 12-Nov :slight_smile: … I confess, I myself have been guilty of suggesting it was today, when in fact it is tomorrow.

It’s the 12th in Australia already…

My fault. I’d forgotten the release date. But I’d bet there is no nvidia repository available tomorrow either. I think that if you have factory 43 with the latest 190 nvidia drivers you more or less have 11.2 anyway. Or rather better since there are no nvidia drivers for 11.2! I joke. I’m sure it will not be long before the 11.2 nvidia repo is populated.

Actually, there are nVidia and ATI drivers now. But they are not yet packaged as rpms. Instead one has to build/install them the “hardway”, which is NOT hard.

We still joke about video drivers around here. I remember when we would get a new version of openSUSE and have to wait over a month for ATI and nVidia to give us drivers.

Nvidia drivers repo for 11.2 are populated with the proper rpms!

Yeah I can confirm that. Great job!! :slight_smile: