Are the ruby3.2 packages still messing with YaSt?


Saw some threads on the factory list-serve suggesting there were/are issues with the new ruby3.2 package upgrades causing problems with YaSt???

Just ran a zypper dup -l and it showed:

The following 14 NEW packages are going to be installed:
  libruby3_2-3_2 ruby3.2 ruby3.2-rubygem-abstract_method ruby3.2-rubygem-cfa
  ruby3.2-rubygem-cfa_grub2 ruby3.2-rubygem-cheetah ruby3.2-rubygem-fast_gettext
  ruby3.2-rubygem-gem2rpm ruby3.2-rubygem-nokogiri ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-augeas
  ruby3.2-rubygem-ruby-dbus ruby3.2-rubygem-simpleidn ruby3.2-rubygem-unf

Does anyone know if the issues with YaSt have been resolved, or best to wait another week to run an upgrade?

@non_space had a few minor ruby3.2 issues unrelated to YaST, but all up to date here, don’t use YaST that much either, but is functional from my quick tests.

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The “problems” of this particular user where caused by himself by cherrypicking packages and not using the proper way ala “zypper dup”. So a user not knowing how to update a Tumbleweed system properly…

3 Tumbleweed machines here, all updates run through. No problems with yast2…


OK, often the case where pilot error creates more of them, etc. There were a number of posts on the list-serve about it . . . didn’t seem in quick read that anybody “figured it out” as far as the self-induced problem, but great, glad to hear it.

I’ll run the zypper through in a few minutes.

Alrighty, ran the zypper dup through and on reboot YaSt seems to be operational . . . thanks for the assist on it.