Are the repositories for 10.3 offline?

I just went to the software management and it couldn’t access any repo, r they offine?

Seems they are still online :slight_smile:
Index of /distribution/10.3

However, I have this error when I use “zypper ref” :

Download (curl) error for ‘’:
Error code: Unrecognized error
Error message: Empty reply from server

Could be a temporary error with the redirector.

I have been getting errors like these :confused:

File /content not found on media: Index of /distribution/10.3


Curl error for ‘’:
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘

That’s only MadWifi - the official repos are up.

Apparently the server is having “some issues.”

yeah but my oss and non-oss repos aren’t working either, any advice please :frowning:

Since the is a redirector, you can manually add repositories from a ‘reliable’ FTP server, if you’re in Europe I’ve always found:

Index of /pub/

to be a reliable and fast server.

thanks I will try this